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Decoy Duo <br> Playing at The Hen

Decoy Duo
Playing at The Hen

2nd November, 2019

Decoy Duo comprises of two of the four members from Decoy, the four piece party/rock band that has been entertaining audiences for many years throughout the state.

Founding member Shayne Savic has been in residence at Crown/Burswood Casino since 2002 with the band at Paddy Hannans and Groove Bar, and with the duo in the Crown Lobby Lounge and gaming floor for promotional events.

The duo prides itself on versatility, being able to perform quiet, piano tunes, all the way to energetic, acoustic guitar songs. The wide range of repertoire and styles available, plus years of experience and many happy clients, makes Decoy Duo suitable to many venues and events.

Catch them live at The Hen!


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