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Hen's Kitchen Chook Off <br> Week 2: Joshua & Jacob

Hen’s Kitchen Chook Off
Week 2: Joshua & Jacob

6th August, 2018

4 Teams, 4 Dishes, 4 Weeks!

A superior selection of Swan Valley’s chefs go head to head & turn up the heat as they compete, showcasing their remarkable dish to the diners at The Hen. Who will be crowned Ruler of the Roost? Each team is allocated 1 week in the spotlight with their signature dish.

Chef Team: Joshua & Jacob
Chook Off Dish: Nacho Pizza – Nacho cheese base, chilli con carne, tomato & corn salsa, lime sour cream, coriander and corn chips, (jalapenos on the side).

Book between 6th – 12th August to support team Joshua & Jacob!

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