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We are a fun, friendly place to come relax and enjoy the Swan Valley as it is meant to be enjoyed. We enjoy hosting events of all sorts, from kids entertainment in our natural playground to live music, cooking and tasting events. Be sure to check out our calendar below and remember to book online to save your spot.

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Hen's Kitchen Chook Off <br> Week 1: Kieron & Lyndsay

Hen’s Kitchen Chook Off
Week 1: Kieron & Lyndsay

30th July, 2018

4 Teams, 4 Dishes, 4 Weeks!

A superior selection of Swan Valley’s chefs go head to head & turn up the heat as they compete, showcasing their remarkable dish to the diners at The Hen. Who will be crowned Ruler of the Roost? Each team is allocated 1 week in the spotlight with their signature dish.

Chef Team: Kieron & Lyndsay
Chook Off Dish: Cheesebaogers (Cheeseburger Baos) – Angus beef patties, American cheddar, mustard aioli, white onion & pickles in soft steamed buns with onion rings.

Book between 30th July – 5th August to support team Kieron & Lyndsay!

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